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Daniel Alexander Design (DAD)

DAD is a highly creative multidisciplinary designer able to meet clients creative needs. Working through from traditional print to digital media, meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.

The nice bit is, that he's not just a digital/graphic designer, photographer, illustrator or web developer. He's on a mission
to produce work for you that brings attention to your project, grows your business - no matter your budget and meets your strategic goals.

His portfolio covers a wide spectrum of creative work - from UK to global, and SME to public sector and charity clients. Offering the highest quality of work to all types of clients. Targeted portfolios are available on request.

If you have any questions, have seen something you like or want to discuss a project then feel free to call, email or tweet.



Perryman in Brighton

James Allun editor of Mens Fashion Magazine commissioned an illustration to investigate actor Ray Perrymans love affair with his home town Brighton.



Exploring India

The featured work is a celebration of India and its spirit. The changing face of modern India showcasing its people and its traditions through black and white photography. Devised to push boundaries, and to challenge perceptions of a people, their environment and the human form.


Design for print

DESIGN Magazine re-brand

Throughout Penguin design there has always been a strand of continuity, a family tree that traces its roots back to great or significant ancestors. And it is largely that continuity and kinship that made my re-brand of DESIGN magazine such a rewarding challenge.


Digital design

Culture, Media & Sports Digital Solution

Creating a magazine covering culture, multi-media and sports across print, web and tablet devices.


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